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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  January 31, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> doesn't get any better than that. manhattan's alvarado from beyond half court at the buzzer. winning 60-59. now here is jeff barnd and jennifer gilbert with the "late edition." >> losing traction, why a new winter blast could have drivers slipping and sliding again. >> i still don't understand. i don't think we ever will. >> murder of a retired teacher. what police know about the killing. and the outpouring of emotion tonight at her vigil. >> news, fighting back, journalism in china. >> celebrating bubble wrap. why some new uses for it may have gone a bit too far. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition"? >> and here is a live look at north baltimore.
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>> not much happening yet. but that could change very, very soon. hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. here we go again. another winter blast is coming our way. this time, it will affect tomorrow morning's commute. chief meteorologist vytas reid joining us now with a track of the storm. vytas, where is it? how much? all of that other stuff. >> right now coming down in the form of snowflakes, that's the case. not much accumulation. but concerned with freezing and icing changeover we could see early morning hours tomorrow. so be prepared to see icing out there. which could be a problem. now the core of the storm is spillway south. affecting the mid section of the country. already heavy snow. ice down around central indiana, back toward illinois, michigan, ohio. but real area of low pressure, is still sitting back out to the southwest. over parts of new mexico and texas. this storm will gather strength and really get strong. this will be a winter super storm affecting much of the mid section of the country. new england states.
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great lakes. even into the mid-atlantic. i am going to show you how we will be affected by this storm. what we could get from the storm. coming up in the forecast. >> all right. vytas, thank you. remember this? last week we got pounded by snow. of course freezing rain. sleets streets were gridlocked for hours on end. forcing motorists to abandon cars even. tonight maryland drivers are braceing for another chaotic commute. but melinda roeder has tips for travelers live over the jfx, and melinda, what are they? >> few tips. you will want to write down a few things to carry around in the car. because last week, this road was clogged with commuters that found themselves frozen in traffic. if it happens again, you need to brace for a long wait. now that's why state highway officials recommend a go kit. including water, snacks, snow shovels, scrapers, deicer. salt and sand, can also help, if you get caught in a sticky situation. if you can, stay off the road
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altogether. in fact, the state has reached out to trucking companies this time around asking them to delay deliveries, if possible. because even the big rigs are no match for mother nature. >> with it being predicted to be freezing rain, ice, that's extremely dangerous. it is harder to deal with than snow in many cases and hard to drive on, even if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle. >> now, few other things you will need. obviously this scraper. you will need it tomorrow. and experts recommend you have a blanket in the car too. in case you are stranded for a couple of hour you want to keep warm. then one of the most important tools, is a flashlight. not only should you have one in the car with batteries. but keep them handy even at home, in the next 48 hours. because bge crews are expecting some power outages, if the freezing rain is heavy enough to knock downpour lines. so they too are on standby for this storm. live tonight in north baltimore.
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melinda roeder, fox 45 news "late edition." >> spring can come soon. before heading out on the roads. get a look at traffic, school cancellations, and weather forecast. even during the commercial breaks. watch fox 45 morning news starting at 5 a.m. >> retired school teacher found shot to death inside of her car in a parking lot in glen burnie. tonight police need your help to find her killer. keith daniels is at the parking lot where loved ones gathered for a candle light vigil. >> myra cason, 63 years old. police found her body in the parking lot in front of the pep boys on ritchie highway. they believe the killer forced cason to drive to this spot. and say she was last seen leaving her doctor's office friday morning at 8:00. three hours later, arundel county police found cason's body inside of her side kick. detectives say it appeared that robbery was the motive. investigators believe the killer
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again was in the car with cason, forced her to drive to this parking lot. meantime as police search for crews. loved ones look for understanding. at least, 200 people gathering for a candle light vigil here tonight at the parking lot. wondering how something like this could happen to cason. >> numb, she is like my second mother. we don't know how to feel. you know, devastating. >>well, arundel county executive john leopold here tonight. and they want you to call police if you have any information about this case. they need the public's help. in glen burnie, keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition." >> thank you, keith. >> two, 17-years-old are arrested for dousing a cat with lighter fluid and setting it on fire. the cat is being cared for at the baltimore animal care shelter. mittens, the cat, suffered burns
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to most of the body. they believed first the cat was in a house fire until later revealed this was no accident. >> baltimore city jury spent most of today he watching police surveillance videotape n a case where two brothers are accused of setting a puppy on fire. traverse and tremayne jackson accused of pouring gas on a dog in may of 2009. baltimore detective gave jurors a play-by-play of the police surveillance videotape. but the defendant's friends argue the videotape not that clear. >> i don't think that, like i before stated. that the police could actually identify these two individuals, in the videotape. >> so far, a police detective, and neighbors have testified that the two brothers are the two men shown on the tape, running from the scene. >> bad day today for an ohio woman looking out for her children. kelly boller was sentenced to 10
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days in jail, and three years probation. judge found her guilty of falsifying residency records so that her two children could attend what the mother believed were better schools. she said the kids lived with her father, when in fact they were with her, in achronohio. good day for honest journalism, beijing steps it up. general administration of [inaudible] >>bad day for good, honest work. the ceo of goldman sachs is getting a huge raise. even though the investment bank's profits are way, way, way down. lloyd blank's salary tripled to $2 million a year. last year goldman's profits fell
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40 percent. to about $8 billion. >> disturbing news about baltimore city owned hilton hotel. bonds sold to finance the building, are still -- are now labeled junk bond status. raising questions about whether the hotel will ever pay for itself. city officials say the hilton not the only hotel struggling during tough economic times. we asked you, do you think city ownership of the hilton was a good idea? 97 percent say no. dana writes on facebook. it should never have been built. and charles writes on our website. once again, government where it has no business going. >> a controversial redistricting proposal unveiled in baltimore city tonight. mayor said her plan divides the population evenly. respecting the racial make up of the city of baltimore. but critics say the changes could very well benefit supporters, including one aide and 2 city council members.
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>> from my own particular concern, i really am glad we put neighborhoods back together. i am not happy we have taken some apart. >> plan affects around 20,000 residents that have either left the city in the last decade. or just left altogether. final plan must be approved by april 1st. >> texting and driving was outlawed in maryland more than a year ago, but not much changed. so there is a new device to prevent drivers from texting behind the wheel. app called text zapper. it could be downloaded to your smart phone. gps device tracks whether your car is moving. if so, it would not allow to you text. >> baltimore's cash campaign is helping residents get their taxes filed. the northwest community action center is one of 17 tax preparation locations. now open, service is free for eligible low incomeing working families. families will get help with
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taxes learn about ways to save money, and how to get college financial aid. in the last decade, the campaign has put over $100 million into the pockets of baltimore families. you can find out more in the news link section of our website >> i told her that i was in some trouble. and i didn't know if i would make it. >> a parking deck suddenly collapses trapping two men. the calls they made when they did not believe they would make it out alive. your way into work.what you need to know before you head out the door... tomorrow on fox45 morning news.
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he's single, he's great looking and i'm going to introduce you in two weeks. he's a dentist so whiten your teeth. no coffee, no espresso. mm-hmm. ♪ [ female announcer ] crest 3d white toothpaste. the remarkable toothpaste that removes up to 80% of surface stains in just two weeks... hi. i'm paul. [ female announcer ] for a noticeably whiter smile in just two weeks crest 3d white toothpaste. also try crest 3d white rinse. ♪ >> uprising in egypt. people of cairo protesting for seven days in a row now. calling for president hosni mubarak to resign. >> there is a wave of looting,
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armed robbery, and arson going on. trains stopped running. banks, schools, stock market in cairo closed for the second working day. and a complete shut down of the internet is now in the fourth day. >> for the u.s. it is a balancing ac, supporting democracy in egypt without saying that hosni mubarak should step-down after three decades in office. >> that is not for our country. or our government. to determine. i don't think that people that seek greater freedom are looking for somebody else to pick what and how that change looks like. >> another massive protest is expected tomorrow. the u.s. is working to evacuate more than 1200 americans out of egypt. >> a parking garage, roof collapses crushing a car and trapping two men in the car. it happened in massachusetts thursday. following a very heavy snow storm up there. peter sullivan, and hamenez were
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in a dark car in the middle of the screen. you can see there. when the roof, look at that. just suddenly gave way. crews spent two hours digging through the debris, while the two men waited. >> i say how do you feel? i say i am alive. so i called my wife. i told her that i was in some trouble. i didn't know if i was going to make it. >> steel beam fell across the car crushing the roof down to the dashboard level. amazingly both of those men were not seriously hurt. >> unbelievable video from massachusetts. >> yeah. >> the weather keeps on getting worse. and it will get worse in 24 hours. >> this ice situation is particularly bad. especially in the midwestern part of the country. vytas reid is back with an update on all of that. >> thrown on top of that. iceing and blizzard like conditions. we're talking about catastrophic
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type damage with this storm over parts of the midwest. it will be a mess out there. but for us, we will be on the edge of the system. that will still give us icing as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours. but on h.d. radar, you can see we have a few flakes coming down in the form of snow. it will be mixing with sleet and rain through the overnight. then freezing rain as we get into tomorrow morning, and through the afternoon. and then it will become -- under a winter weather advisory now. and winter warm storm watch because of the icing of a quarter of an inch or more potentially across central area. and snow across indiana, ohio, toledo, ft. wayne, indianapolis, chicago, getting the snow. front edge of a storm south over parts of new mexico. the storm that will continue to track up over the ohio, tennessee valley. and filter in plenty of moisture ahead of it. from the gulf of mexico. diving into frigid cold air out of the north. being a major storm.
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this one is one that we talk about for years to come. because it will really paralyze the central portion of the country. so if you have any travel plans, check ahead. look at all of the watches and warnings. mid section of the country to northeastern portion of the country. some type of watch or warning. pink indicates warnings. and red stretches from chicago, milwaukee, down toward portions of northern texas, oklahoma city here. this is blizzard warnings. so this is going to drop icy snow. ice and snow, through the mid section of the country. then winds pick up behind it. knocking downed power lines. so to about an inch to 2 inches of ice on top of a heavy snow. that they could get as much as a foot to foot and a half of northern parts of indiana and ohio. if you have plans to go to chicago, detroit, indianapolis, for a couple of days, check ahead. there are bad delays. 30 in downtown. clouds. 30 in baltimore. dc. 26 in hagerstown. advisories for most of the state
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tomorrow. as we see a 10th of an inch of icing on the roadways tomorrow. warning is for -- tuesday to wednesday. as we have a chance for that quarter of an inch of icing that we have to watch closely as the system pushes in. bigger picture here. here is how it plans out. snow mixes in with sleet tonight. and then the real heavy freezing rain starts to come down. early wednesday morning. and through wednesday mid-morning and afternoon. this is all freezing rain, and we could get like i said about a quarter of an inch. making roadways slippery out there getting the coating of ice. looking at the mixed bag tonight. 23 tomorrow. looking at that icing freezing rain. condition of 30 degrees. five-day forecast shows storm leaves us with winds behind it. which could create power outages and limbs coming down. clear up for a few days. next storm pushes in, giving us a chance for snow saturday. >> all right. vytas, thank you. get a good look at traffic, school cancellations and latest forecast, even during the
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commercial breaks. watch fox 45 morning news starting at 5 a.m. >> 3-year-old is suspended from a virginia preschool for having too many accidents. the preschool suspended the toddler for a month, or however long it takes for him to get the potty training thing under control. according to the school principal, child used up all of his chances. well common sense would tell you it is wrong to punishments child for this, the teachers at the school cannot get so much done if they are on clean up patrol either. >> today was the 11th annual national bubble wrap appreciation day. bubble wrap is good for, oh, packages, for one thing. but popping the bubbles, you know how much fun it is? great stress reliever. but makers of bubble wrap say they can make you a pop star at the superbowl party. they suggest creating bubble wrap footballs, shoulder hats.
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and bubble wrap is a great product. but lets not get carried away. >> common sense should tell you strapping a propeller on the back is a bad idea. but this guy is doing it so far. he has become a celebrity as he glides over the snow and ice. using his new invention. so far, as far as we have heard no, word of any accidents. >> orioles make another key my sister's new boyfriend told her that he thinks
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♪ >> after a busy off season, oriole president macphail still has a couple of unmet needs. he would like another power hitter but guerrero not eager to be here. he need'd veteran pitcher to anchor the row young rotation. and he got it. justin dushrer, two time all star, he has had a lot of injury problems. surgery on both hips. and he has made five starts over two years. kind of chanceing. but birds are only on the hook
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for 700,000 base salary. if all incentives are reached he could make 4 1/2 million. they did not stop there. bringing back left hander mark hendrickson, signed a minor league contract but invited to major league spring training. 36, he will compete for one of two bull spots. over last two years, went from start tore reliever. they also signed one time prospect ifiontino to a minor league deal. this is difficult for most of you. but responsibility compels us to show you the following footage. yes, the steelers arrived in dallas today. terrible towels in the cockpit and all. they are there, of course for superbowl xlv. which will pit them against the packers sunday. packers are favored. but steelers do not seem to be fazed by that. >> that's not our motivation. our motivation is to win the lombardi trophy. regardless of underdogs or not.
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you have to play the game. regardless. that's a part of a story of something to talk b as players we do not make the odds. whatever. we have to go out and play. >> neat part about this is two story franchises, and fans, will enjoy it. it will be crazy. whole place yellow both of both teams. so fun. >> remember you can see superbowl xlv right here on fox 45. packers and steelers battle for the lombardi trophy in dallas sunday. packers in the game first time since 97 and steelers third appearance in six years. back in baltimore. rookie david reed has a court date to answer charges of marijuana possession. police searched his apartment in december. after getting a call about a strong smell emanating from the dwelling. fifth round draft pick. he received his summons january 4. led the nfl in kickoff returns, averaging 29.3 yards, per return. fee court is now in session.
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♪ that airline charged me a 150-dollar change fee. southwest would never do that. your honor, chump change. that is not right. i don't understand how three clicks of a mouse can cost me 150 dollars. sir.
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it's personnel on the telephone. [ laughing ] it's computer time... it's personnel on the, on the, on the desks. we can't afford to do this for free, your honor. jury? guilty. [ cheering ] [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees.
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fly southwest, the only major airline >> final look at the seven day. wintery mix through the day tomorrow. changing over to freezing rain tuesday night and wednesday. as much as a quarter of a inch of icing on the surface. and winds move in behind it. run into power outages and limbs down. slippery roads. a mess.
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then thursday, friday, we start to clear off. then the next storm saturday. saturday night we could have accumulating snowfall. clearing up sunday. back in the 40s. which is nice to get melting for sunday and monday. which look decent. back to you. >> thank you, vytas. >> that does it for the "late edition." thank you for joining us. i am jeff barnd. >> i am jennifer gilbert. tune in to morning news tomorrow starting at 5 a.m.@
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